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Design Philosophy

Studio B is a full-service interior design firm with a heavy focus on design for construction. This includes both floor plan development and spatial problem-solving for remodels, additions, and new builds alike. Additionally, we specialize in hard and soft finish selections to streamline your project from beginning to the very end.

  • Here at Studio B, I take an architectural approach to interior design.  Great design is more than a pretty couch (though, that is important too). To me, it is the meticulous attention to detail on the function, use, and flow of every inch of your home.  This can best be discovered through thoughtful examination of the floor plan.

  • I will work closely with your architect (if needed) and contractor from the early stages of your project to ensure the final outcome (down to the couch placement) will function best and is exactly as we envision it.

Degree: California State University, Chico : Interior Design

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